_MG_2159RedHawk Tutoring Center

  • The RedHawk Tutoring Center is being offered to students after school to provide a safe, welcoming, independent, and student-centered environment to work on their school work.
  • The RedHawk Tutoring Center will be offering individual opportunities for academic growth. There will be NHS Students and a Teacher in the room to provide guidance too. Students attending are taking ownership of their school work by utilizing the resources and help provided by Marist.

Tutoring Center Guidelines

  • Students have to utilize after school to visit the Tutoring Center.
  • Please limit the food you bring into the classroom.
  • Students are required to sign in upon arrival. Attendance will be taken by the supervising teacher and students will have their tutor complete a form on their behalf.
  • The Tutoring Center is provided after school in room MH 12.

Student conduct in the Tutoring Center

  • Properly sign in with the google form provided. 
  • Actively working on school work.

Math Lab

Marist High School offers a Math Lab during each of the four daily lunch periods. The Math Lab is in room 114. The goal of these labs is to provide students with additional academic support to help them achieve optimal success in their Math courses. The lab will be staffed by a Math Lab coordinator, in addition to National Honor Society members. It will be open to all students. Students may opt to utilize the lab on an as needed basis, or they may be referred to the lab by their teacher or the Dean of Student Success.

For more information about tutoring services, contact Mr. Lucas Fritsch.