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Saving Money on Writing

Although most people that write today write on a PC or laptop, no longer using freehand or a type writer, the PC and laptop have only been able to assist them in very limited ways. The most used software to assist writers is word but that as a tool for a writer offers many limitations. This is of course understandable as word was not designed to help writers; it was designed to assist anyone in writing.

There is however now software which has been specifically designed to assist writers and that software is Scrivener. As scrivener has been especially developed for use by writers, it does of course have far more features than word does, for assisting writers at least. Although these features are not limited to the writing of books, there certainly are many features that can assist anyone writing a book.

The software provides special folders for each of the characters you may include in your book, allowing you to quickly and easily recall any details about them without having to rely on memory or keep searching back through previous pages. Similarly it has special folders for places that may be mention in the book so that if a writer has to return to a place, they can quickly and easily recall all that they had previously said about it, helping to keep the details in the book consistent and more easily readable.

The software will allow for the formatting of a manuscript ready for sending for publishing approval and that includes titles, heading, prolog and an index if required. For a professional writer or even just an avid writer, scrivener is certainly of far more use than most other word processors including Microsoft Word.

The software does have a price tag but the price is very reasonable and can quickly be made up for in the saving of time that it affords a writer. However, to save on the initial cost of the software, you can visit where it gives descriptions of the different promo coupons which are available for Scrivener and how you can get them, and use them.

For many years writers have had to make do with the very limited assistance that word processors like word could give them but now at last, this is software which can give professional writers the help to assist them in reaching their goals far quicker and easier and will even keep track of those goals which the writer sets. It does this by allowing the writer, having set themselves a daily number of words to write, to see a percentage of the work that they have already completed and so they know how many more they need to write for that day.

The setting of a goal when writing is often beneficial as it encourages a writer to keep writing when they may have otherwise have stopped and so by being able to quickly and easily check on how far they are from their daily goal can often help them to manage their time better.