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Knowing the Software Industry

A computer cannot be used without software. Software is the most essential thing required to run computer, which instructs the computer what to do and how to do it. Software making industries make thousands of software needed for different tasks on the computer system as well as other electronic appliances such as tablets, mobile phones, Macs, and other similar electronics.

The software industry consists of three main sectors which produce different software products. These sectors include the programming services, enterprise software services, and the shrink wrapped software services. The software industry makes licensed software for the development, maintenance, and publication. There is a lot of software for the development, maintenance, and for the publication today. Many other software industries are working day and night to develop software for progress of the electronics. There are millions of professional software engineers who are capable of making software by themselves. These engineers work in multinational companies and propose their terms of making software and provide industry the best performance.

Software industry started in the end of 1953; it was not much popular because there were very few electronic devices then. Computers were the only electronic devices and they were only available for the business use. In 1960s, the software industries expanded as computers were the only electronic devices, and then they were made available for public use as well. Software industry then became one of the largest industries in the world and today, it is the largest industry in the world. The size of the software industry is over $403 billion and it is still increasing day by day.

There are several software vendors that are amongst the richest companies in the world. These vendors include Microsoft which is the largest software vendor in the world, Oracle Corporation, IBM, and SAP respectively. The sizes of these industries are over billions of dollars and are still increasing. There is always a competition between these software vendors, as each of them try to increase their sale every year. Every software company in the world want to how to sell more software than others which brings the competition in front. This competition is the reason that software industry is increasing day by day.

The software industry has the largest ratio of employees than any other professional field in the world. A person can find a software engineer in his area quite easily. Some work for the multinational companies, while some work for the national companies, and some work on their own. Even the richest person of the world is a software engineer.

Most of devices used in our homes are instructed by the software built for them. Even the factories making different products use hundreds of software for making the products. The software used is revolving the factories which will make the work easier and faster. Till today, electronic devices using software are revolving and soon we will have a new revolution on electronic devices which will be a lot faster and more capable of doing more work and different from those in the 19th century.